Opava Eventing bases the training program for each horse on the individual horses' need, past experiences, temperament and the discipline the horse is being trained for.  One of the most important faucets is the relationship between the horse and its owner/rider, connecting both in the best way possible.  Another strong part of Darla's philosophy is making sure the horse is happy and suited to the owner for the discipline the owner desires.  Darla performs all the training - on and off the horse - personally.

All horses are great horses.  Finding that greatness is simply a matter of figuring out the right key to unlock it and then supporting the horses' understanding and desire to please and perform.

Training offered in:

  • Eventing
  • Dressage
  • Cross Country
  • Jumping

Additional Services:

  • Exercising/Lunging
  • Turnout
  • Full Care
  • Clipping
  • Braiding
  • Competition Coaching
  • Trailering
  • Re-training
  • Conditioning
  • Ground Work​

     Horse Training/Lesson Packages(for Boarders)


Training packages can be individually modified.  Below are basic options. 

BASIC TRAINING PACKAGE                              $ 100.00

Includes per month:

  • 4 group lessons or 2 private lessons, or 2 training sessions per month
    • (or a combination)
  • All additional services must be added a la cart and paid for as an addition to the basic fee

PARTIAL TRAINING PACKAGE                          $ 500.00

Includes per week:

  • 3 turnouts per week
  • 3 training sessions, or 2 training rides and 1 private lesson per week
  • Full care services: blanketing, flymask service, graining, vet/farrier handling, grooming trims

FULL TRAINING PACKAGE                                $ 800.00

Includes per week:

  • daily turnouts
  • 4-5 training sessions, or 2-3 training rides plus 1 private lessons, per week
  • Full care services: blanketing, flymask service, graining, vet/farrier handling, grooming trims

TRAINING SERVICES OFF SITE                       Call for prices

All lessons/training services are to be purchased on a monthly basis.  Lessons/training must be used within the current month.  Lessons are available 7 days per week, all day long so scheduling opportunities are vast.  Multiple group lessons will be offered. 

Unused lessons/training sessions will not carry over to future months.  Under very special circumstances other options may be arranged.