Classes start at 8:00 AM


May 21, 2023

NEW DATE:       November 5, 2023

                                                                                IMPORTANT SHOW INFORMATION

The following are rules for participation under USEA guidelines:


Only the rider entered in the show may ride the horse at any time.  Trainers, assistants, etc., are not allowed to ride/school a horse that they are not the rider on the entry form.

All jumps will be flagged, on course and in the warm up ring.  Jumps must be taken in one direction only, with the red flag on the right side of the jump and the white flag on the left side of the jump.

Tests and ribbons will be available for pick up in the show office after divisions.

When on the show grounds, if you have questions and need information, call or text Darla Opava at 818/515-3210.


 Dressage warm up will be held in 2 separate arenas.  You will be required to check in and start your warm up in the small arena (Arena 1).  From there the ring steward will send you into the main arena to finish your warm up (Arena 2)

Check in with the ring steward in arena 2.  In the main arena there will be one rider in the dressage court doing their test, and the next 2 riders that are in line to perform.

 Your assigned dressage time is EXACT and ABSOLUTE.   No delays, no changes.  The judge will ring you into the dressage court (either a bell or whistle).  You will have 45  seconds from that moment to enter the dressage court.  Failure to do so, under the rules of the USDF and USEA, results in elimination of the test and/or complete derby.

NO coaching is allowed during a dressage test or on the jumping course.  You are required to know the rules.  You may have your dressage test called but with no additional instructions.


 We are going by stadium jumping rules under the USEA.  Warm up will only be in the small arena.  Obstacles of each division will be numbered, and each division has a color markings listed on the course map. 

 All competitors will be able to walk on foot their jumping course(s) prior to the start of the first dressage test, and between the last dressage test and the beginning time for jumping.

Faults are as follows:

             Refusal, run out or knock down of a stadium fence                             4 faults
            Refusal or run out of a cross country fence                                            4 faults
            Circling at any time and/or crossing the horses tracks                        4 faults
            First disobedience                                                                                       4 faults
            Second disobedience                                                                                 8 faults
            Third disobedience                                                                                      Elimination

 Immediate elimination:

- Jumping or attempting to jump an obstacle of the course before the start of your round
- Jumping the first obstacle without crossing through the start line/flags in the correct direction
- Attempting to or jumping an obstacle not part of current course
- Omitting a jump of the course
- After a refusal or run out, failing to attempt to jump the obstacle where the fault was committed
- Jumping an obstacle in the wrong direction
- Jumping an obstacle in the wrong order



Opava Eventing Derbies

  • USEA derby cross rail through novice level
  • USDF dressage tests from intro to 1st level
  • USEA dressage tests starter through novice A
  • Derby jumping classes

Additional information:

  • All dressage tests are judged and scored. 
  • Derby classes are the total of both dressage test scores and jumping rounds.
  • Derby jumping only classes will be a combination of stadium and cross country obstacles (like the hunter derbies in Britain) and judged as such.

Ribbons 1st through 6th in all classes.

Entries can be submitted via -                     

          email:                       opavaeventing@yahoo

          mail or in person:     Opava Eventing

                                           28868 Bouquet Canyon Rd.

                                           Santa Clarita, CA 91390