Personal Horse 
Lesson Horse
Trailer In

       1 hr. Private (4 lessons)        

$ 200.00

       $ 240.00       
       $ 240.00        
       1/2 hr. private (4 lessons)
$ 140.00
$ 180.00
$ 180.00
       1 hr. semi-private (4 lessons)
$ 140.00
$ 180.00
$ 180.00
       1 hr. group (4 lessons)
$ 120.00
$ 160.00
$ 160.00

     Lesson Rates

All lesson packages are required to be paid for at the beginning of the month.  Lessons must be used within the current month of services.    All efforts for make up sessions and multiple group lesson will be offered.  Services unused will not carry over to future months.

     Riding Lessons

Our lesson program is designed to be intimate, one on one, relaxed and fun - focusing on the total horsemanship experience.  Learning is comprised of riding, performing horse care, and gaining understanding, compassion and developing good communication with the horse in order to recognize the how's and why's horses act and react the way they do.  Riding and horsemanship is a definitive cause and effect process.

At Opava Eventing, the focus is on the function of riding over the "form", when a rider understands how they influence a horse's movement, and ride to produce that correctly, the rider will inherently be in the correct "form".

  • Eventing
  • Dressage
  • Jumping
  • Multi Discipline
  • Horses for lease
  • Lesson horses for competition
  • Lesson horse use for extra practice
  • Sales and purchasing assistance
  • Competition coaching
  • Ride in's and trailer in's welcome. 
  • Cancellation must be made 24 hours in advance.
  • Riders with limited or no horse experience, or have been away from horses for an extended period of time, are required to take a grooming lesson prior to beginning riding lesson.